8th Plenary Recap

8th Plenary Meeting Hosted at Symantec Headquarters in Mountain View, CA

The 8th Plenary of the IDESG was hosted by Symantec, at their headquarters in Mountain View, CA. In addition to providing facilities, Symantec also provided continental breakfast each morning and coffee breaks throughout the meeting. Attendance was very good with nearly 175 people combined as in-person and remote participants. Prior to the start of the Plenary a Newcomer Orientation was available to both in-person and remote participants and included helpful information to both new and old participants to understand the mission and work of the IDESG today. Presentations were made by Suzanne Lightman of the NSTIC NPO and Judith Fleenor, an active member and former committee leader of the IDESG. (Download Presentation).

Day 1 - Tuesday, April 1

The 8th Plenary was opened by Bob Blakley, Plenary Chair, as his last Plenary meeting. Opening guest speakers included Roger Casals of the host, Symantec; Jeremy Grant of the NSTIC NPO, and Bob Blakley as the moderator and facilitator of the full Plenary meeting.

Hello and Goodbye: New Faces in IDESG Leadership for 2014-2015

Change in Executive Director

At the 8th Plenary meeting on April 3, current IDESG Executive Director Kay Chopard Cohen announced that she would be leaving her position to take a new position as Executive Director of the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA). Kay's service as the initial Executive Director to the newly formed IDESG, Inc. was recognized by the leadership during the Plenary. In thanks for the recognition by the organization she said, "It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with all of you at the IDESG and I encourage you not to give up on the critical work you are doing. What you are working on has the potential to be revolutionary and I look forward to the great things you will accomplish."

About the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG)

The National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), signed by the President in April 2011, states, “A secure cyberspace is critical to our prosperity.” This powerful declaration makes clear that securing cyberspace is absolutely essential to increasing the security and privacy of transactions conducted over the Internet. The Identity Ecosystem envisioned in the NSTIC is an online environment that will enable people to validate their identities securely, but with minimized disclosure of personal information when they are conducting transactions.


The Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) has been established as a new organization led by the private sector in conjunction with, but independent of the Federal Government.  As a key stakeholder and active participant in the Identity Ecosystem, the government has funded Trusted Federal Systems, Inc., through a competitive grant, to provide technical, administrative and operational support for the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group.  After a period of initial Government support, the Steering Group will soon be establishing a self-sustaining structure capable of allowing continued growth and operational independence.

In addition to the Secretariat, the Steering Group consists of two bodies, a Plenary and a Management Council, with mutually supporting roles and dispersed decision making responsibilities. Additional details available here

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