The Ombudsman (Steven Mednick) shall be responsible for: reviewing the activities of the Officers and bodies of the IDESG to assure the actions and decisions that uphold the NSTIC Guiding Principles; ensuring that the interests of consumers or other individuals and underrepresented groups are represented and advocated; safeguarding against individual Stakeholder Categories exerting excessive influence; monitoring and reporting on Management Council activities, managing grievances and complaints from the Members; and facilitating public comment and citizen outreach. The Ombudsman shall be a non-voting Officer.

Selection. The Ombudsman shall be selected by the Secretariat. The Management Council shall establish criteria for the selection of the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman shall:

  1. Be independent from IDESG Members, Officers, representatives or employees of the Secretariat and any association with any particular Stakeholder Category or other interest in the Identity Ecosystem.
  2. Be capable of maintaining objectivity in the execution of all duties and responsibilities.
  3. Have strong communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills.
  4. Have experience in complaint resolution and investigation.

Term of Office. There are no term limits for the Ombudsman.

Duties.  The Ombudsman shall:

  1. Uphold the provisions of the IDESG Governance Documents.
  2. Facilitate balanced representation within the IDESG.
  3. Develop and implement complaint and issue resolution policies and procedures for the IDESG.
  4. Investigate and assist in the resolution of issues and complaints associated with IDESG processes.
  5. Report on Ombudsman activities to the Management Council.
  6. Maintain and safeguard records of all Ombudsman activities.
  7. Provide information on Ombudsman activities, policies, procedures, and processes to the general public including, but not limited to, periodic reports outlining disputes, complaints, recommendations, resolutions and final dispositions.

Authority.  The Ombudsman shall have the authority to:

  1. Attend all IDESG meetings and functions.
  2. Conduct investigations and fact finding into complaints and issues arising from IDESG proceedings.
  3. Make recommendations to the Plenary and/or the Management Council, as appropriate, and assist in the resolution, mitigation, and prevention of issues and complaints.

Steering Group Responsibilities.  Each member of the IDESG shall cooperate with the Ombudsman in the execution of his or her duties. Appropriate IDESG leadership shall record and publically report all actions taken pursuant to Ombudsman recommendations.

Text taken from the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) Rules of Association. Read more about the Ombudsman in the IDESG policy documents