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Trusted Federal Systems, Inc. (TFS) is a systems integrator serving the federal government. Our experienced staff provides solutions which empower agencies to achieve a higher level of performance. We manage, architect, design and implement collaboration and information sharing solutions for government agencies resulting in improved organizational effectiveness. On Thursday July 12, 2012 TFS received notice of a grant award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to serve as the formal convener and secretariat for the soon-to-be-established Identity Ecosystem Steering Group. As a systems integrator for the federal government, TFS has extensive, hands-on experience in implementing solutions where the authentication of a user’s identity is a prerequisite in support of national interests. As a recognized specialist in federated identity management solutions, TFS designed and architected U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)’s “Trusted Broker Model” which was later implemented as a pilot by Covisint. This architecture is also the basis for FBI’s recent roll out of an upgrade to LEO (Law Enforcement On-line). However, as the Secretariat the TFS role is “not to participate” in the Steering Group as a stakeholder, but “to support” the Steering Group by leveraging the strength of our team’s experience in process and facilitation methodologies.

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Following text taken from the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) Rules of Association. Read more about the IDESG in its policy documents

Secretariat Responsibilities 

The Secretariat shall serve as the administrative body of the IDESG and promote alignment of the Steering Group’s operations with the NSTIC Guiding Principles.  The role and responsibilities of the Secretariat are described in the sections that follow.

Selection of Secretariat. 

  1. The Secretariat shall initially be provided by the NSTIC National Program Office.  At such time that the IDESG becomes self-sustaining, the Management Council shall be responsible for acquiring secretariat services support.
  2. At such time that the IDESG becomes self-sustaining, the Management Council shall be responsible for acquiring secretariat services support.

Secretariat Responsibilities.  The Secretariat shall act in a neutral capacity, divesting itself of any technical or other point of view. The Secretariat is responsible for ensuring that these Rules and the decisions of the IDESG are followed. The Secretariat is responsible for facilitating, monitoring, reporting, and ensuring active progress of the IDESG work to conclusion.  The Secretariat shall:

  1. Distribute IDESG documents and process received comments and input.
  2. Assist the IDESG leadership in establishing work priorities, agendas, target dates and other management activities as needed.
  3. Record and make available all decisions of the IDESG for confirmation, and prepare reports for the IDESG as requested.
  4. Support the Steering Group’s efforts to ensure alignment with the NSTIC Guiding Principles and operating principles.
  5. Enable timely and public distribution of IDESG products and information; including, but not limited to, maintenance of the IDESG Website.
  6. Provide the resources and personnel for the Ombudsman position.
  7. Take and record attendance at Plenary meetings.
  8. During the election process the Secretariat shall be responsible for the administration and conduct of General Elections.