Mr. Steven Mednick’s experience in government covers the gamut of issues from major technology transactions to contract negotiation, from specialized construction litigation to the analysis of government systems and advising on alternate structures of governance. He opened his own solo practice in 2001 focusing on municipal issues (including planning and zoning), economic development and technology projects for public and private sector institutional clients. He is the former Corporation Counsel for the City of New Haven. Over the past few years Steve has represented the states of Connecticut and New Hampshire, the cities of Hartford, Waterbury, Bridgeport, New Haven and New Britain, the towns of Hamden, East Haven, Darien, Cromwell, Portland, Westbrook and East Windsor and the borough of Naugatuck. He has also represented the Boards of Education in Waterbury, Bridgeport and New Haven.

Steve has played a major policy role in the world of Public Safety and Integrated Justice as charter member, three-term President and director of the IJIS Institute ("IJIS"). He remains active in IJIS as a member of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and General Counsel. He represents the Institute on all matters on Capitol Hill. In this role Steve has become a national leader on issues pertaining to state, county and municipal technology procurement protocols for the implementation of Integrated Justice Information Systems. Steve has been part of an IJIS team which taught undergraduate and graduate level courses for Program Managers of Integrated Justice Information Systems; a leader in the development of a Pre-RFP Toolkit (a planning tool for state an, county and local officials developing information sharing initiatives) and a speaker at national forums.

In the past decade, Steve has advised commissions and drafted new city charters for Hartford, Waterbury, New Britain, East Windsor and Hamden and has represented numerous towns in charter revisions, including East Windsor, Cromwell, Darien and Portland. He is currently counsel to the comprehensive charter revision process in Bridgeport and served as review counsel to the charter creation process in Westbrook. In connection with these revisions, Steve has revised the procurement, civil service, ethics, administrative practices and pension ordinances for the Waterbury and the civil service and procurement systems for Hartford. He was involved in a revision of the Code of Ordinances for the City of Hartford and is currently serving as counsel to the Naugatuck Board of Ethics and is revising the local Ethics Ordinance. In developing procurement ordinances for government clients Steve attempts to create a linear process where pathways are evident to both the government officials and service providers.

In 2007, Steve prepared a revision of Connecticut’s procurement statutes for the Contract Standards Review Board, based upon the Model Procurement Code of the American Bar Association. The bill, including much of the Board’s proposal, was adopted by the General Assembly and is now being implemented. His work with the Board was an outgrowth of his negotiations, on behalf of the State of Connecticut, on a number of major state technology and related projects: (1) the 800 MHz telecommunications system for the Department of Public Safety (Motorola); (2) the Integrated Tax Administration System for the Department of Revenue Services (Accenture); (3) the Real time On Line System (IBM) and CIVLS (SAIC/3M) matters for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV); and, (4) the Connecticut Vehicle Inspection Program, also for DMV.

On day-to-day matters Steve negotiates contracts for his government clients, has conducted investigations and inquiries into administrative practices of city officials and operations and has provided opinions and analysis of municipal law. In late 2009, Steve conducted a mediation settling a dispute between a Mayor and Chief of Police in a Connecticut municipality and was engaged to investigate a costly delay in school construction project for the Board of Education of the City of Waterbury. In 2008 he also represented the State of New Hampshire in an analysis of the problems facing the State in its technology procurement process.

In 2006, Steve completed a multi-year project for the Bristol Police Department relating to a wrongful death civil action where he successfully invoked the doctrine of investigatory privilege to protect police investigative files in an 8 year old unsolved murder. On behalf of the New Haven Board of Education Steve successfully completed a complex school construction arbitration emanating from architect malpractice.

Immediately prior to forming his firm, Steve was a partner in the New Haven office of a 70 member Connecticut-based law firm; served as Corporation Counsel for the City of New Haven; and, at the same time was a Senior Advisor at Strategic Policy, Inc. in Washington, D.C. where he represented a national client in government affairs matters in 12 states.


Juris Doctorate, University of Connecticut

Bachelor of Arts, Fairfield University