Our Webmaster Eric Jakstadt is also an enterprise architect, web developer, development manager and technical consultant. He has served as an enterprise architect for the U.S Department of Justice (DOJ) and corporations including Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. For over 20 years, he has implemented a broad range of technologies from service-oriented architecture to development in Java and .NET to the integration of Web 2.0. Eric is also knowledgeable in current Identity Management technology and he designed and prototyped a SAML-based integration between the DOJ Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) and the DOJ federated identity management broker. The prototype is based on open source technologies, designed to be reusable for integrating other systems with the broker. This work formed the basis for the subsequent production integration of JABS with the broker. Eric has deployed several "Web 2.0" open source applications for the Department of Justice as either internal or public-facing sites. Specific examples of these projects include:

Blog functionality added to the http://justice.gov public-facing website, based on WordPress

An internal wiki for the LEISP (Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program), based on MediaWiki

A work-in-progress redesign of the DOJ intranet site, based on Drupal

Design and deploy a load balanced set of media servers based on Adobe Flash Media Server, for public delivery of streaming video.

Integrate Drupal with internal DOJ identity management system

Design secure Drupal configuration to meet requirements.

In accordance with the Open Government Directive, the Department of Justice is taking a leadership role to ensure that Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) information from all federal agencies is openly available in a convenient form. To that end, this project consisted of:

  • Developing an XML schema, conforming to the NIEM standard, for representing FOIA annual report information. This format allows FOIA information to be reliably transferred between diverse systems, and also allows FOIA information to be published for mashup or other analysis.
  • Developing tools and otherwise facilitating the process of publishing FOIA information from all federal agencies in this NIEM-conformant format.
  • Deploying a new public-facing website (http://foia.gov) for browsing, comparing, and querying FOIA information from all federal agencies.

Work Experience and Education

Trusted Federal Systems, Inc Webmaster
Hewlett-Packard Company Enterprise Architect
Extreme Logic Technical Consultant
VELOZ, Inc. Architect
Microsoft Corporation Architect
Pocket Soft Inc. Software Developer
Software Express, Inc. Software Engineer
B.A., Computer Science Rice University